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(You know how some photos of yourself can make you cringe? My sum total experience is a meeting of eyes at a boring bar party and a B-minus date afterward.

Imagine if one of those became a new international icon. quislings are hissing about her "wacky" dress is because she has a sense of style, and this city, simply, does not. If fate, Vernon Jordan, and Ken Starr hadn't intervened, who knows, maybe I'd be the only reporter in the world pursuing her.

A week of no news, no television—nothing more than books and the company of a handful of divers and fisherman. C.; the weather in the Caymans was 80 and sunny, the diving was clear, and my tan was coming in even and had yet to peel.

Who among you women would turn down an opportunity to befriend and go at it with the tall, bulky, handsome, charismatic guy who just happens to be president?

2.) It didn't happen at all, and she was/is lying, or, as a drunken, fairly high-ranking administration Clintonista bellowed at me in not-quite-subliminal talking points Saturday night, "She's an ugly girl with a crazy fantasy life!

" He seemed far more crazed than she, but even if the whole thing is unadulterated bullion, I still feel sorry for her.

3.) As most of us believe, it was some hazy amalgam of the first two choices, a disconcerting land where Chuck Robb's oral-sex-is-OK rules and Monica was addled by a close brush with power. No matter which curtain you pick, there are dozens of people I've met in this town with empty, self-serving, loathsome characters who deserve life-ruining scandals long before Monica does.

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"We've come up with some conventions that I think will make it a more cinematic experience that fits in the timeframe more.

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When my friend Thomas, a 28-year-old designer, started work at a tech startup in San Francisco, he found that the office had customized its Slack to execute an elaborate hazing ritual.

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We’re on your side, even if it means we don’t make a cent.